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You Are Not Your Thoughts

Updated: May 11, 2022

"For what was then will rise again to seize our souls.

And they will learn that freedom's better than gold." - Barrington Levy

I Do Not Own This Art

This article was birthed from my YouTube channel. After channeling advice from the divine for nearly a year straight, the one thing that kept coming up was "positive thinking" and "changing your mindset." So much so that God just gave me an outline for this article. I originally envisioned this article being filled with scientific facts and quotes from Harvard Studies. But after a few Googles- I found myself underwhelmed by the results.

It seems that science has linked positive thinking to improved health- but not to success. So I had to pivot. I already know no one wants to hear that you can change your life simply by changing your mind. I can hear your sighs as I type the sentence. I know it sounds like bullshit. But I will ask you only one question: Have you ever tried it? For a day? A week? Well, I am challenging you to try it for 90 days at the top of this year!

In case no one has ever told you: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. Your mind is nothing but a personal Google search of emotions and experiences! And if you want to - you can reprogram how your Google (or mind) speaks to you. This year I ask that you put down your vision boards, your resolutions and only focus on ONE thing- you’re thinking! We’ve all heard the saying it takes 21 days to form a habit. But can you imagine the lifestyle shift you can create in 3 months? I challenge you to focus on feeling good in your mind and your body. Because the sad and undeniable truth about life is that you get what you think about, whether you believe that to be true or not! So why not focus on feeling good?

In my Getting into The Vortex deck, there is a card called: My Manifestation Are The Indicators of My Beliefs and it says the following:

It is always true that whatever you are living always matches your chronic vibrational patterns or beliefs. And it does not matter if you have an excellent excuse for your negative thoughts and negative emotions- they still equal your point of attraction. What is manifesting on every subject in your life is an indicator of your beliefs and chronic patterns of thoughts.

Below are the tools that have been helpful in my journey. If these tools are properly applied and used regularly, they can cause a shift in your mind and your life!

Morning Pages

Have you ever had a thought that was on your mind all day? Then the moment you say it out loud, it goes away? That's because all your thoughts want is attention. If you don’t give that thought attention, it will just keep circling your mind until another thought joins it and then another. An excellent way to clear the clatter is to write three pages of pure stream consciousness first thing in the morning- this means you write whatever comes to your mind, no stopping or judging yourself. This exercise will clear your mind and surprise you at the insights that you write down.

If you are struggling with limiting beliefs, an exercise that I give my clients is to do Morning Pages. But instead of writing whatever comes to your mind; you will write about your life as if you were telling a story to someone. You do this every day for three days, three weeks, however long it takes for you to get your story out. Then you will go back and highlight all the should, could, and would- those are your limiting beliefs, acknowledge them, and let them go!


Yoga legit changed my life, and it wasn’t because I mastered some silly postures. It was because it helped me get more intuned with my energy. Let me explain, four days a week, for a year straight, I would spend an hour on my yoga mat focused on only one thing, ME! For the first time in my life, I got to be with myself, my thoughts, and in my own space. I got to come home to myself and I learned that I felt good! Real good!

So, when I returned to work and I noticed a drop in my energy, I could identify it in that moment. Then I was able to decide if it was truly something wrong with me or if I was picking up on somebody else energy. Nine times out of ten, it was the former. But yoga doesn't have to be "yoga,"- as in you on a matt doing postures. Yoga can be your morning pages. It could be you lying in bed listening to music or dancing in your house for thirty minutes. The purpose is to take a moment, clear your mind and come home to yourself.


I am going to be honest. I am not someone who can get up first thing in the morning and do "meditation." I am not that girl. For me to do a proper meditation, it has to be following yoga. So if you are anything like me, I have a life hack: Sleep hypnosis tracks. Liane Moriarty has this book called The Hypnotist Love Story and I have been obsessed with the concept ever since! Then one day, I stumbled into Sleep Hypnosis land on YouTube!

When you are sleeping, your mind is like a computer in sleep mode. It may appear off, but it is still running and collecting information for your mind. So if you are a person who struggles to meditate, you can listen to these tracks at night! I used to be the type of person that would say horrible things to myself. Like your stupid or no one loves you. But now, if I slip up and say something mean to myself, I quickly correct myself or just laugh it off. And it’s all due to good ole sleep hypnosis tracks!

Tarot and Affirmation Cards

We all have seen the scene in the movie where the tarot reader pulls the death card, and then the character dies a few scenes later. Some of you may have even heard that tarot cards are “evil or the devil tools." But none of that could be further from the truth. Tarot is a tool that can help you understand yourself, your intuition, and the energies around you. It is a tool of self-mastery, and you don't have to be a "tarot reader" to pull cards for yourself. An exercise to improve your intuition would be to pull one tarot card every day for three months straight.

Before looking up the meaning of the card, journal your first impression and the intuitive message you recieve. Then at night, journal about your day and how the card applied to it. If tarot is too much for you, you can always do this with Affirmation Cards! Focus on the message you receive from the card, and then reflect on how it applied to your day at night. Another way to use the affirmation cards is to use the mantras on them to help you gain control of your thoughts. For example, whenever you find yourself in a panic, focus on your breathing and repeat your mantra until you feel calm!

Daily Motivation

Most interviews about highly successful people speak to the importance of a Morning Routine. I challenge you to spend the first hour of your day feeding yourself. This is why Honestly Sis TV is so important to me! Channeling advice from the divine has been life-changing. It has taught me how to listen to God and has completely changed how I look at the world. My channel had been my source of daily motivation because it holds me accountable. Every day, I have to make sure that I'm living what I'm speaking. But you don't have to get your insight from me!

You can listen to Pastor Sarah Jakes, Bishop TD Jakes, or even Super Soul Conversation with Oprah. It doesn't matter the person as long as the information is uplifting and informative. The purpose of this challenge is to create positive, mindful checkpoints throughout your day. Then end your night with intention to change your life. The very last thing I want you to do is to reward yourself. I want you to identify three things you want- like really want- and then go get it for yourself at the end of each month! This way, you have a way to celebrate your progress and besides, we all work a little harder when we have something to work towards!

If you would like to embark on this Positive Thinking Challenge: I only ask that you respond to this message with the three things you plan to gift yourself and what shift you're hoping to see in your life by the end of this challenge! To show that we are in this together and to hold us all accountable! I will be inviting you to attend monthly Honest Chats via Zoom. There we will share our testimonies, struggles, and insights from the challenge thus far. I ask that you take this challenge seriously and don’t enter into this lightly. You will not only be accountable to yourself but to the group as a whole!

If your life has not been "going your way" for the past month, year or lifetime- it doesn’t mean you’re trapped- but it does mean you have to put in some work!

So Will You,


Journal Prompt:

  • Do you believe you have the power to change your life?

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