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If asked what is her ultimate objective in life, Honest am would proudly state that she wants to help activate women to live their best lives.  Through her writings, she envisions connecting the hearts and souls of women around the world.

honest am was born and raised in Detroit. She's a graduate of Hampton University with a Master’s in Business Administration. she is a Project Accountant by day and writer by night. Her resume is growing rapidly, with several featured articles on XONecole, including, “Why Rooting for Everybody Black Should Include Monique and The Gospel According to RiRi". AM is well on her way to becoming a household name.

HONEST Am is also the visionary behind several projects such as Honestly Sis, Dear Showrunners, and Honestly Sis Tv, All projects dedicated to showing the power of HonestY and storytelling. Am is Gifted with the ability to navigate life changes by BREAKING DOWN EVERYDAY SITUATIONS INTO spiritual concepts.


When she's not writing, reading, or catching up on her television shows; she's popping into a yoga class, pulling tarot cards, or WALKING  HER LOVEABLE pUP, Cudi.  HONEST AM currently resides on the Lower-Eastside of Detroit, where she is working on her first metaphysical thriller.

On  The Internets



Xo Honest Am 

She prides herself on her knack for finding life lessons in television, movies and celebrity drama. Jay-Z is her godfather and Kanye West is her spirit animal.


Blantant Frankism

Honest Am 

 In this interview Honest Am speaks on the origins of Honestly Sis, what's motivates her and why it's important to respect someone like Tyler Perry.


This Is 29


Amber is the first interview done in hometown, Detroit, after leaving the south for a journalism conference there. Amber, my fellow Detroit native and Hamptonian, works in finance and also runs a blog called Honestly Sis. In this candid interview about her journey, Amber keeps it *very* honest about professional loss, using her passion of writing as creative fuel, and deciding to take ownership of her life and her future.


Meraki Mentors 

Learn to Trust 

We all know life doesn't come with an instruction manual- and neither does success. For everyone who's forging her own path writer Amber Sillmon has a word on trusting the process, even if it surprises you. 


Believing Bigger

The Power of Accountability

 In this episode, Dr. Shante interviews Amber Sillmon as she recounts her experience of going from podcast listener to Twelve member and shares the powerful impact of having yearlong accountability in her life.

Bar Babes X Audio Wave Network (1) (2).p

Bar Babes 

TV Pundit

 Bar Babes was developed with the millennial Black woman in mind. As each of us have started our post-college careers we've learned that some days in the workforce and in life are just too much to handle alone! 

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