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"Nobody built like you, you design yourself”- Jay-Z, A Dream

Art By (@viteloi)

Ok, honest moment: I am extremely behind on my writing schedule. In the Thanksgiving newsletter, I mentioned feeling overwhelmed. At first I thought this meant Honestly Sis would have to go to once a month. But that didn’t feel right. Then I remembered, this is something that I created. Only I can define what it is and how it should look. I say this not to make an excuse. I say this for anyone working on a project or thinking about starting a business. When we start things, we create these structures and think we must stick with them. But that only blocks and stifles our creativity. We should treat them like children and let them grow into who they are meant to become. This period of frustration taught me to be patience and kind to my creative endeavors.

So! Moving forward there may be links to podcast, interviews and possibly articles. Please know that anything shared in this space is done in the spirit of Honestly Sis. I don’t take your time or attention for granted. Please read the picture below first. The click on the image and enjoy this week video. Thank you for your patience and flexible. Love you Sis!

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