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What They Don't Tell You About Dream Chasing...

"The truth will set you free.

But first, it'll piss you off"

-N.E.R.D, Lemon

Art By (@viteloi)

It’s all very exciting in the beginning.

The start of a project is opened with many promises

You plan everything,

The road of possibilities is open to you.

You’re green.

You jump on the road, you bump along,

You make mistakes,

You shout for joy!

You surprise yourself.

Your energy is strong.

Then you hit a snag,

And see the road is long.

It won’t be easy,

It won’t happen quick.

You check your metrics:

And see the effort doesn’t match the results.

Doubts creeps in.

Your mind questions you,

Fear tells you,

This was never really you.

It gets harder to stick to your schedule,

Harder to sit down and write.

It’s maddening,

The thing keeps eating away at you during the night.

It tells you your settling.

It tells you all the things you could be.

In the morning you look at your project,

And wonder why isn’t it done.

Why is it so hard, just to finish

What you have already begun?

The doubt has set in,

The resistance has settled.

But keep your head up.

This place isn’t foreign.

This place is limbo,

Decorated with footprints of the greats.

It’s a mental block,

And you know this.

No self-help book can get you through this.

You know the plan.

The vision is clear.

All you have to do is move,

All you have to do is believe.

All you have to do is never, ever,

Give up on your dreams.



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