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What If Life Is Working in Your Favor?

"You want to fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down."

- Toni Morrison

I recently heard this quote during a reading at the Detroit Institute of Art, and it brought a tear to my eye. It was confirmation that I'm on the right track. The past two years, my sole mission has been: to say fuck my past and walk into my destiny. After all this self-work, there was still one something holding me back- forgiveness. Luckily, this month's message was all about that!

Forgiveness is something that is drilled into us since childhood. We all have been told that this is a critical characteristic to embody. But I've personally never been told why it's so important. I have forgiven people to be viewed as a "good person." I have forgiven people with my words, but still held hurt in my heart. Forgiving another person is easy, but forgiving yourself is where the real work begins. To forgive yourself, you must first acknowledge that it's something to forgive. To forgive yourself is accepting accountability for your life and admitting that you took less than you deserve. To forgive yourself is to admit you fucked up. It's hard, but it's necessary. Forgiveness is personal. It’s not for anyone but you, your heart and soul.

I can say that ‘not forgiving’ will block your blessings, but the truth is that it can do a lot more. It can block your heart, create a cancer in your mind, and keep you trapped into a life less than you deserve. When you are unable to forgive, that pain finds a way to take root in your mind. Every time someone does something vaguely familiar, you are triggered. The scar is spilled open again. It will eventually heal, but it comes back with more hardened skin. That happens every single time you're triggered until that scab becomes a callus.

That callus moves from the surface of your heart and becomes cancer to your mind. How? You grow protective, the walls around your heart goes up, and you stop allowing people into your life. You say that you're "protective," but you’re creating a prison out of fear. The hurt takes roots in your mind, and you began to believe 'this hurt' is all you will ever experience. Then you began to base and build your life around this limiting belief.

That’s what so many of our childhood pains have done to us. We have allowed that pain to take root. But right now, God is asking for you to see beyond that- to have a bigger vision for yourself. He's asking for you to come out of your hurt and see life through HIS eyes. To see that every struggle and obstacles were simply the turning point in your life story. God wants you to know that every battle was sent to mold you, not destroy you. These moments of hardship is the pressure to get your diamond to shine. But to get to the diamond state, you must forgive yourself.

Now is the time to let go of the past and move towards your happy ending. Be kind to yourself because you are more durable than you give yourself credit. The centering thought this month should be “What If Life is Working Out for Me?” Below you will find the link to this month offering (click the picture), as well as the other element readings.

Please keep in mind that tarot reading is best when used for affirmation, confirmation, and motivation. If you know your sun, moon, and rising sign, I would take the time to read all three! (Clicking The Title Will Take You To The Video!)

God is asking that you stay focused on the highest intention you have for your life. Focusing on this will help you navigate through any chaos or uncertainty. Being jealous of other people's success will only push success (or the things you want) further from you. Check yourself, your environment, and your emotions.

God is frustrated with those of us that are focused externally to our detriment. Where you are NOW, and where you have BEEN - has NOTHING to do with where you are HEADED. Own your story, face your obstacles, and see the beauty in YOUR journey.

God has heard your prayers, just because it hasn't arrived yet- doesn't mean it's not going to happen. Know that everything in the universe must happen in perfect order. Stop focusing on the external world and shift all your focus on YOURSELF! Are you prepared for your blessings? Make sure you dot your I's and cross your T's.

God showed his frustration with those of us who have allowed others to run our life. It's time out for that! You were put on Earth to live your life. Not anyone else! No one is going to die your death- so why allow someone else to live your life?

Blessings, AM


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