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I Do Not Own This Art

I am a big fan of television shows. I remember the days when it was considered "shameful" to be a television actress- which I could never understand because people got to see a television show every week. Versus once in a while, on the big screen. My only pet peeves about TV are the crossover episodes. Shonda Rhimes is the QUEEN of the crossover, especially for her flagship show Grey’s Anatomy.

However, after investing nearly a decade in a show, enough is enough. I don’t care how many crossover episodes Shonda’s do of Station 19! I AM NOT WATCHING IT!But being a creator, I now see things differently! I understand Shonda's need for the crossover! She just wants to show her new baby to some old friends! So in that same vein, here are a few new babies I would like to introduce you to!

Hopefully, You Can Give Them A Chance:

“For too long, we've been taught that God is outside us. Giving our power away to angels and guides. But without you, they do not have a voice." In this message, God is trying to remind you that the world needs you! ! It's time to become an active participant in your life because are more powerful than you know!

"Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues. It is not the choice of craft that limits the money that flows, but only your attitude towards it.” Are you doing everything in your power to bring your dreams to life? Or are you allowing fear to hold you back? In this message, God gives you the motivation to feel the fear and do it anyway!

This video is a timeless message for anyone struggling, feeling trapped, or could use a little bit of encouragement. Each pile is blessed with a special message. My only advice is to take a deep breath and then pick the pile that is intuitively calling out to you. Never force the message to fit your life. Takes what resonates and leave the rest.

"I release all blocks to my vision. I release all beliefs- conscious or unconscious- stored in my body or mind that would have me belittle or minimize myself out of fear or ignorance.” In this reading, God is asking you to stop holding onto people and things that are no longer serving you. How can anything new come into your life, if you keep holding onto the old? Let go so that you can grow.

It's Time to Tell Yourself A New Story About Your Love Life | Divine Intervention "I now ask that all disappointing experiences of the past that have led me to believe that life is not trustworthy or that faith is a silly or immature way to deal with life be released from my mind, body, and heart.” In this reading, God is letting us know that he is still in the business of love! If you want to have a divine partnership, you have to take accountability for the stories you tell yourself. Do you believe that you are worthy of love? Then speak that over your life.

Have you checked out my YouTube channel? Are you subscribed?! If not, what are you waiting for, girl!! If you are: tell me which videos you loved the most!



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