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Streaming Wars | The OG | Netflix's

I Do Not Own This Art.

Next up in The Battle of the Streaming Baddies is the OG Netflix's. Remember when

people thought this was just a fad? When the studio executives tried to convince us that Netflix’s movies weren't "real" movies. Can we and CVOIDitiva, laugh at that? Let Netflix’s domination be the reminder that when you’re trailblazing, it’s not your job to convince others you can do it. Your job is to show up, do the work and take the fuck over! Here are a few of their latest and greatest hits:

Project Power

Jamie Foxx is one of those actors that I would watch in anything. (I am still trying to get my time back from the Soloist) Nonetheless, this movie is not that one! This “non-Blockbuster” film is about a man teaming up with a cop to find the source of a drug that gives temporary and random superpowers. Look no more if you want to watch a star-studded, actioned, packed movie. This movie is a beautiful reminder everything that glitters isn’t gold.

The Old Guard

I am not going to lie- I have watched this movie a half dozen times. When I tell you that I love this movie, I looovvvve this movie. This story is about a group of immortals fighting to keep their identity hidden from the world. This movie is a beautiful reminder that sometimes, to fulfill your purpose, you have to leave your comfort zone and everything you have ever known.

Really Love

If you are looking for a chocolate cover love story, look no more. Ralph Angel shines, and Rubi gets her redemption in this visually stunning film. This movie is about a rising Black painter trying to break into the art world and fall in love. Can we sigh and agree on the relatability? This story is a beautiful reminder that in life and work, if you want something, you have to go for it. No one is going to give you anything or read your mind. You have to speak up and let it be known.

Fear Street

Last summer, Netflix’s decided that Halloween would come early. I, for one, was extremely grateful for it! This film trilogy is about a group of friends trying to solve brutal slaying that has haunted their town for centuries. I never thought I was a fan of horror. Now I know I am just not a fan of the played-out stories. (Cough, Jason.) This film trilogy is a beautiful reminder that sometimes the things that make you weird and different are your superpower.

The 40-Year Old Version If you ever needed a reminder that it’s never too late to go after your dreams- please, please watch this film. This black and white movie is about a playwright down on her luck and pivots to become a rapper. This story is an excellent reminder that even if you fail in a new venture at first, you can still have some fun along the way. It also reminds me of my favorite Angie Martinez quote: Give yourself a chance to be whack. You don’t have to be great right out the gate.

Have some new movies or shows that you love?

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