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When HBOX Max announced it partnered with Warner Brothers films. I knew that HBO Max was not just any ole streaming service. `In the early quarantine days, HBO Max would deliver highly anticipated cinema every week. Most were great choices, like the Angelina Jolie's, For Those Who Wish Us Dead, while others were not so great. I am still trying to get my time back from Malignant. Despite it all, I have been happy with their addition to the streaming wars. But they don't just have great movies. Here are a few great shows and docuseries that I have been templated to give a rewatch:

Three words: Seize the dick! God, I wish this show existed while I was in college. Sex Lives of CollegeGirls is a show that follows four roommates as they navigate their newfound freedom. What I like the most about this show is that they take the typical college stereotypes and spin them on its head. This show is a fantastic coming to age tale about self-discovering and walking in your truth. Or at the very least trying too!

I will be honest: I only watched one episode of Season One of this series. Then I allowed myself to skip forward straight to Love Life (Season Two). I have no regrets about my decision. Season Two follows book editor Marcus Watkins as his love life takes crazy twists and turns all by his own doing. This series will give you plenty of heart-filled and “WTF” moments. I pray that season three follows Marcus's lesbian sister next. Fingers crossed!

I love this show for entirely selfish reasons. Never- ever- in a million years, would I think I see myself reflected in a young white woman. And yet we are here! I love this show because it displays the ambitious complicated woman trope, who still yearns for love (and acceptance). Hacks is about an unlikely mentorship between a legendary comedian and fading rising star. This series sheds a whole new light on life in Las Vegas!

In the Thing About Living article, I spoke about this documentary. On The Record examines the sexual assaults allegations against hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons and other notable faces. I have to offer a trigger warning due to the content. But I truly believe that this documentary is a must-watch because it goes deeper than just sexual assault. But be warned, it may have you side-eyeing our favorite cultural establishments like The Breakfast Club for still treating Russell like some demigod.

Now I am not recommending this show due to the subject matter (i.e. Amy) but simply because of its content. Who knew that pregnancy could be so fucking complicated? Expecting Amy follows Amy Schumer’s pregnancy journey. This series is an excellent reminder that there are certain things in life you just cannot plan for! This doc-series will have you praying to God in advance for a smooth pregnancy and even easier delivery!

I could not mention Amy’s special without bringing light to our black queen Serena William’s docuseries. Being Serena is a five-part documentary that chronicles the tennis legend’s life after she finds out she is pregnant. This unprecedented look into Serna's life made me realize that Serena doesn't get nearly as much credit as she deserves. This documentary proves that Serena William’s work ethic is unmatched.

Do you have some new movies or shows that you love?

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