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Story-time: My First One Night Stand

When I was in college, there was a big event everyone used to go to DC for called the Alpha Cab. It was my senior year and I was determined to have fun! To give context, I spent most of my college years in a relationship. So, this year I was kind of wild.

My friends and I drove to DC from Hampton and we stayed at the host hotel. So, of course everyone was there. We went to the Cab had a great time. We left a little early to beat the rush. And when got back to our rooms, we heard that the hallways were popping. So, we decide to pop out and be seen.

In the hallway, there was this guy, who I never saw before but he was looking right! A lot of people go to the Cab even if they didn’t go to Hampton, so I wasn’t sure if he went to my school or not. But there he was, standing in the doorway talking to another dude. I have always been an aggressive female but this night, liquid courage was taking over my soul. I hit my home girl on the arm signaling, let’s go talk to them.

 I walk up smooth as hell and start flirting. I just want to say for the record: I have nice white teeth and pretty big boobs. I was basically throwing myself at him, but he was not getting the hints. To help him, I push pass him and his friend to go into their room. My friend was someone who I knew for years, so she instantly knew what was up. And walked in behind me. I sat down on the bed all sexy.

I remember the outfit like it was yesterday, I had on a purple and pink mini skirt and a black halter top. Since we were just walking around the hotel, I kept on my flip flops. Back to the story, I tell him to come sit next to me on the bed. He joins me. Then him and his friend started chatting away. Which was starting to annoy me because I really was only there for the dick. Maybe he didn’t want to make the first move. Or maybe he was nervous, but he was moving too slow for me. The night was young and I still wanted to mingle. So, I got up and turned off the lights.

I remember his friend saying, “Ok, damn, excuse us.” And my friend saying “We’re not going anywhere.” So, I push the guy on the bed and started kissing him. (Yes, I am a kisser!) When I started kissing him, he finally got the hint. And began, kissing back and rubbing on me. He started removing my clothes and kissing me on the way down. He gave me head and it was ok. I had been with a girl for last 3 years. So, he was being held to high standards. I pulled him up and told him to put on a condom. He was a little too geeked for me but I was already in too deep. I felt his thang, to make sure he put on the condom. (Because guys be trying it!) And found that it was a normal penis with nice width. I remember just thinking to myself, I hope he knows what to do with it! 

Sex was mediocre at best and I was annoyed. I faked an orgasm because I wanted to be nice. After he came, I got up and went into the bathroom to clean myself up. My friend came in, so she can get the tea and we planned our escape! When we came out of the bathroom, they were sitting on bed talking and the lights were back on. He jumped up when he seen me and started grinning. (I rolled my eyes internally.) He attempted to strike up a conversation, but I cut him off and told him I had to go. He then proceeds to ask me my name and if I went to Hampton. I told him yeah but didn’t say my name. He then tells me he was a junior and his name (which I instantlyforgot). He then asks if we can hang out when we get back to school and I told him no because I have a crazy ex. Then I told him, if you ever see me on campus, don’t even speak and I walked out the door.

 I honestly have no idea if I ever seen him again because I instantly erased how he looked from my mind that night. But at least I know he was fine when I met him.  When we walked out of that room, I felt liberated. It made me realize that I could have anything and anyone- that I want!

 If there’s someone your feeling, be confident and take control of the situation. Guys have no problem with doing it, so don’t feel bad for doing it to them. If Solange can snatch up her husband, why can’t you? Live your life Sis!

Until Next Time: 

“Dream them dreams. Then man-up and live them dreams, because a life without dreams is black and white. And the universe flows in technicolor and surround-sound.”- The Late Great Combat Jack!

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