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Sis, This is a Prediction of the Next 2 1/2 Years!!

"Somewhere between psychotic and iconic. Somewhere between I want it and I got it."- Drake, Furthest Thing

discipline creates spaciousness.

Art By (@viteloi)

saturn is the grandmother within us encoded with the truth of themselves. who has already lived this life a couple of times and knows who they are outside the conditioning that is a part of being human. grandmother is patient, but when they speak, the universe stops to listen.

because there is such little space given to grandmother we often treat them as a nuisance, someone to pander to until they leave. but as all those wise enough to listen to their elders know, saturn-grandmother is a blessing. their strength is deep and true. they allow us to be realistic about the limits of our life and to learn how to compensate. they are willing to stand side-by-side with us, helping to build up whatever we dream of. they remind us that obligation is an honor, not a burden; and that as we have been tended to, there are those who need our tending.

as mercury visits saturn in their last degrees of sagittarius before moving into capricorn, now is the time to reflect and prepare for saturn’s two and a half years stay in capricorn. for many this will mark the start of their saturn return, their time to cross the threshold into adulthood and into the rest of their lives. if your saturn return will begin on the 19th may you be blessed and may you have the wisdom to prepare for saturn’s blessings. regardless of age, we will all feel saturn while they are in capricorn. may we also have the wisdom to prepare for saturn’s blessings.

what rituals and routines soothe you?

how do you know when it is time to rest? what does guilt-free rest look like to you?

where are things a bit too messy for your liking? are you willing to invite saturn into these places so you can begin reworking the current structures you have in place?

when saturn weighs heavy on you, where can you find support? (especially if you are entering your saturn return finding folks to lament/conjure/process with can be a gift.)

goddess asteroid lilith has already been working in capricorn, awaiting saturn to join her. lilith is the part of us who cannot stand oppression and who bristles at the thought of not being exactly who she is and doing exactly what she wants. when she does not get what she needs she can become rage and frustration. listen to your feelings, for they can show you how to make room for saturn as well. if you have been particularly stressed or under pressure, listen, for it is likely saturn is already calling attention to what needs to be reworked so you can find a bit more space to breathe.

again, saturn is a blessing. trust that they are devoted to you. trust that they cherish you, for they work on behalf of your freedom. have faith!

as with mercury, if saturn is a planet that you have misunderstood or projected onto, now is also a good time to heal your relationship to them. simply making peace and allowing these planets to work with you can make them your allies instead of your adversaries. mercury retrograde allows us to review, rethink, and rearrange before barreling forward into the future, we need mercury retrograde so we do not ‘skip steps’ along our paths. and beloved saturn-grandmother is distant and wise, and yes, from time to time a nuisance. but, without saturn we simply could not build the worlds we need. we would not have the discipline to work toward the lives we deserve.

most importantly, there is no separation, these planets exist within us. saturn is the part of you who knows a thing or two and is trying to get all your other parts to wake up and realize that discipline creates spaciousness, and if it creates spaciousness then discipline must also create freedom. and if all parts of us want to get free, which i do believe, then saturn is just the part of you pushing you to get on with getting free.

and getting free takes hard work.

blessings and blessings,



a mantra for some ease,

i am blessed and highly favored.

every particle in the universe vibrates toward my joy.

it is going to be okay.

i am going to be just fine.

this i believe,

and this i repeat.

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