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Scary Good Shows | October 2021 Edition

I Do Not Own This Art

I can't pinpoint when in my life Fall became my favorite season. Yet, somewhere along the line, I realize that this is the time of year I feel most alive. It could be the changing of the leaves, the cozy sweaters, or the yummy candy apples. Whatever it is, Fall is always something I look forward to! But you know what I love even more than all that stuff I mentioned before? The supernatural, scary, and magical stories. It's the time of the year where everyone is allowed to let their freak flag fly. Here are a few freaky good shows to watch:


Ever wonder what would happen if Superhero's existed in the world? Let's just say it wouldn't be the magical bullshit Marvel tries to pedal. The Boys takes us into the corporate world of Superheroes, and it's a scary sight. This show is worth finding a log-in for season one alone! But a word of caution, Season 2 will piss you off and have you muttering "what the fuck?" the entire time.


I think the only thing scarier than having kids is having a kid with superpowers. Raising Dion is a show about a young black boy with magical powers, and while it has its cute moments. There are other times that are downright terrifying. This show is a family-friendly magical good time with a gut punch at the end. Thank God Netflix has already confirmed a season two. Prayerfully, it will be soon!


I’m not sure how in the world I missed this show when it originally aired. But Thank God for the Friend Zone and the beautiful goddess Francheska. After she briefly mentioned this show on her show, I spent the following week bingeing both seasons. His Dark Material is a show about missing kids, talking animals, and parallel universes. But like most good things, it will soon be coming to an end. The coming season, unfortunately, will be it's last.


I try not to include two shows from the same streaming services. But this show is worth breaking the rules. After spending the entire summer seeing what the hype was all about, I am officially a member of the Stranger Things Hive. This show is all about kids getting into supernatural trouble and dragging adults along. I didn’t want to believe that this show was really that good. But it’s really THAT good. This series is a must-watch.


Ok, I know I said that having kids was scary. But you know what's even scarier? Finally, finding 'the one,' getting married only for it to end in divorce. First Wives Club is my worst nightmare brought to life. A classic movie-turned series, it explores when love goes wrong. This show will leave you cringing, crying, and laughing for more. Thankfully, there is already a season two waiting for you!

If you watch any of these shows, let me know if you like them! In the meantime, tell me what you are watching or looking forward to this Fall!


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