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Out of The Box Podcasts!


As we settle in for another month of lock-down, I know you are looking for some quality entertainment. Surfing through channels and social media after a while can grow tiresome. Here are some out of the box podcast to get you through another virtual workday.

This podcast is what happens when hip-hop and storytelling linked up to have a podcast baby. In the first season, Combat Jack walks through the untimely death of Christopher Lightly. While Season 2 tells the story of Too Live Crew and other famous Miami acts. Entertaining thought-provoking, and educational- this will not disappoint!

I don't even know, if I want to call this a podcast. It's seriously like a spoken-word album. Tracy G speaks affirmation of encouragement and motivation over amazing beats. Whenever you find yourself struggling with racing thoughts or worrying about the future- pop this in and calm your nerves. If you struggle with sitting in meditation, I would highly recommend this as a substitute.

Ok, this one is entirely out of the box- but stick with me here. Everything about this podcast from the concept to the production down to the sequences of the episodes is flawless. From the first episode, I could not stop listening to it. What would you do, if your deceased love one could talk to you from beyond the grave? This audio thriller explores that concept and leaves you guessing every step of the way.

Now you don’t have to wait till October for scary stories. Going into its third season, Spooked!, gives you real-life stories from real-life people about the other side. (AKA, my dream job!) They have covered stories from ghosts, dolls, haunted houses, and literal war stories.

Every now and then, people come into my life at the perfect time. These people represent all that I aspire to be in life- it's like God sends me a guiding light. Recently, Devi Brown has been that person for me. Dropping Gems is what happens when hip-hop meets Deepak. She's not your average wellness expert; that's selling positivity and find your purpose. Devi gets real about life, by reminding you not to buy into anybody pike dreams or overnight success schemes.



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