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January Tarotscope: The Choice Is Yours


God is showing us that 2020 is a new day. (Ace of Wands) We have entered a new era, where the old rules and norms no longer apply. As the famous song goes, “He’s making a list, and he's checking it twice." Those of us who have been diligent in our self-growth and staying faithful to our soul call. You will no longer have to move in fear. Our ancestors have already paid the debt, and our angels are paving the way for us. As James Baldwin once said, “Your crown has been brought and paid for. All you must do is put it on.” Our manifestations and rewards will come quickly. (10 of Cups)

But for those of us who struggled to stay faithful, you will have a significant choice to make: evolve or die, tramped in the same cycle. Regardless of how you chose to spend the past ten years, God is offering us all a fresh new start. (Ace of Staff). In recent years, we have seen the effect of the #MeToo movement. We have seen what happens when people come together and speak the truth to power. God has shown us the power of unity. In this new era, the tables are turning, and it's no longer the 1% who holds all the power. But the collective- everyday people- and Twitter. The overall theme of this spread was "support," doubling down on the message that God agrees and supports this change. He’s encouraging us to take the new start (4 of Cups) and letting us know that he will help us along the way.

But we must believe that we are worthy of his assistance. (The Hierophant) We must know that freedom, abundance, and happiness is not something given to the select few, but that it's our birthright. Do you feel deserving of living your best life, or do you think it's just talk? (Reversed Page of Cups) God reminds us that it is all about our belief and faith, not only in yourself but in the divine.

The road to “change” doesn't have to be a difficult one, filled with trials and errors. It can be as simples as following your own rhythm, which will lead to ultimate wish fulfillment. (10 of Cups). This path will not only give you joy, but your cup will flow over with blessings. (Ace of Cups). If only you will take the first step with enthusiasm, you will not have wonder which way to go next. (2 of Cups).

Whether you want to believe it or not- you are haven sent filled with gifts and offering that only you can provide. Stop worrying about time and money. Start thinking that the universe is working in your favor. This shift in mindset will set off a spiral of manifestations in your life that will lead you to your best life. But you have to believe that it is possible. Only you can make that switch. We’ve all heard the saying that an idle mind is the devil workshop, but what do you think a hopeless one is? An amusement park.

Money is an energy, and you can’t become abundant with lack ass thinking. To get the happiness that you seek, you must first believe that’s it’s possible. Below you will find the video to the full reading. If this letter resonated with you, please click on the picture for additional guidance, motivation, and clarity. (or Here) These messages are timeless! Wherever you hear them- they are meant for you! When listening to these messages, please don't force the story to fit your circumstances.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.


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