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It's My Birthday But I Have A SPECIAL GIFT For YOU!!!

I Do Not Own This Art

One thing, I really want to do with this space. Is not just offer great stories, but to provide you with tools to implement them in your own life. It's easy to tell someone how this "thing" helped you. But it can be difficult to know who to trust. When I brought my first "Yoni Egg" it was from Amazon and after a few uses it got a dusty look. I knew that it couldn't have been a "real" stone. 

I was scared of trusting just anybody. So I started with a necklace from Nirvana Wild. It was a simple rose quartz necklace. I love this necklace so much, that something I just wear it in my bra when I don't feel like wearing it. The energy off it is powerful and it can seriously change ANY environment. When I was looking for a Yoni Egg (Sorry it took me so long Syd!) I knew that I had to try Nirvana Wild. It was seriously the best decision ever. 

Though, I gave an example about how it helped my sex life. Yoni Eggs are more than improving your sex life. It's all about connecting you with  your source (your Yoni).  If you've been feeling stuck, unlovable or just not like yourself, try a Yoni Egg. And if that's too intense, then start off with a crystal. But know, that's it not magic, it's just a stone helping you manipulate the energy around you. 

Tonight, I will be doing another YouTube video all about crystals and Yoni Eggs. It will teach you how to find the right stone for you, program them and practical ways to use them. Until then, check out Nirvana Wild. She's offering a special 15% discount on all orders over $40. Just type in the code: HONESTLYSIS 

This is just for  our community only. So, if you want to share it with you friend... PLEASE have them join first! :)


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