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Is Competition the New Reality?

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When I was younger, there was nothing I loved more than a good reality show. But lately, it seems like reality shows really aren't grounded in reality anymore. Since you can only watch so many television shows and movies. I found myself stumbling down another lane of television, and it was thoroughly entertaining. Here are some of my favorite new shows:

Just when I thought television has covered all the bases for competition shows, Netflix's stepped in and said, hold my fucking beer. Bringing social media to life, this game is all about making friends and staying on top. It starts off as innocent, but Season 2 kicks off with a bang. Two seasons of fun that will have you itching for more and savoring every bit. Don't get mad at me if you get just a little addicted!

If you are a lover of Pose, then you will love this show. Unlike America's Got Talent (or any other show) - this one allows you to see the drama within the group and even amongst the judge. Ballroom life has officially hit the mainstream, and I am living for it. This show is best watched with your favorite alcoholic beverage and plenty of room to mimic the dances moves. This isn't a show you watch. It's a show you experience.

If you ever want to sit on your couch and feel like you’re at Fashion Week- look no more. This is an OG show that has recently gotten a face-lift! With Christian Siriano as the new Tim Gun. Karlie Kloss, as the new Heidi and our favorite big-haired Auntie Elaine Welteroth on the judge’s panel, this show is truly a delight. It is about more than just clothes and proves it’s never too late to dream. Every season there are self-taught designers making a lane and name for themselves. This show is best watched for motivation, inspiration, and with a box of tissues.

If it wasn’t for my fear of heights, I swear I wouldn’t think twice about signing up for this show. But it would be just my luck that the first challenge is to jump off an airplane. Nonetheless, this oldie but goodie is like taking a trip around the world, all while remaining on your couch. Since its inception, this show has had groups of pairs racing around the world for a quarter of a million dollars. What I love most about this game is that it is literally anyone game. This show is a reminder that life is a marathon, not a race. You should watch this when you need something new and need a friendly reminder to 'stay in your own lane'.

This is the show that has inspired my Pinterest board “My Dishes”. Master Chef is a show that takes talented home chefs and puts their skills to the test. What I love best about this show is that there are contestants of all backgrounds and cultures. So there is plenty of inspiration sprinkled throughout the show! This show is best watched when you need a reminder that ‘when there is a will, there is a way.' It also doesn't hurt to have a notebook handy. I've stolen plenty of recipes.

If you watch any of these shows, let me know if you like them! In the meantime, tell me what you are watching??

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