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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

"Your twenties are the ideal time to try your dreams on for a size.”

— Whitney Port


I Do Not Own This Art. Art By (IG @viteloi)

From this day forth we shall declare Wednesday’s: Honest Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I will provide you with an HONEST newsletter about sex, relationships or adulting. This is my first time stepping out of the writer’s closet. I may say some real shit and I may say some dumb shit. But, it’s just me being me! Since I will be revealing some personal information. I ask that you keep four things in mind:

OPEN-MINDEDNESS: I can find “God Talk” in interviews, books or a podcast. It may seem random at times but- stick through to the end.

KINDNESS: Don’t drag or judge me too much.

SHARING ON SOCIAL MEDIA: If you love the content and want to share invite your friend to join the newsletter! If you must, please be sure to quote and ta g me in the post. (IG @HonestlyAm Twitter @AmBeeC).

The newsletters will only be shared here, in the Members Archive Section.

HONESTY: If you love something or disagree, let me know, I’m always open to dialogue.

My name is Amber C. Sillmon. I am a Project Accountant with aspiration to be a self-published New York Times Bestseller Author. My dream life is spending my days telling stories, talking and acting. I have been working on a fantasy murder-mystery for the last three years. Rush, will be the first book in my series, Association. I have a podcast with my BFF and college roommate Jo called, Dear Showrunners. I’m in a committed relationship. I live in Detroit and I desperately want a dog! I’ve been natural for about three years. I’m on a constant battle with my weight and I’m on a mission to live my best life.

I’ve dabbled into yoga, meditation, crystals and yoni eggs. I believe in the power of the universe and the need to protect your energy. I love God and talk to him ALL the time, but I’m not feeling organized religion. I’m complex and excited about life. But like everyone, I have moments of doubt. English wasn’t my favorite subject but writing is where I feel most like myself. And to be completely honest, I don’t even FEEL like the same person from six years ago. At that time, I was addicted to weave, men and attention. I lost my job at a Big Four Accounting firm, a few friends and damn near my mind. I spent a summer depressed. I was rejected by EVERY major company in the city of Detroit. I was living off my 401K and at rock bottom. During my darkest moments, I thought that there was no way I could come back from all this – my confidence was shattered.

That summer wasn’t completely lost. I wrote the first draft of Rush and it sparked something inside of me. I don’t know if it was feeling those pages in my hand or my friend Kris’ note at the bottom of the draft. But that draft made me feel like I had something to go after. A feeling I hadn’t felt for some time. I don’t know if Kris was just being a good friend, but she put a battery in my back. If she could see the overall plot out of my messy manuscript (and it was a mess) then I may be on to something.

I’ve made some horrible choices. Plenty of mistakes and I want to talk about it. I want women to know that it’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to be at your ugly duckling or grinding stage. It’s ok to admit, that you lost yourself. It happens. Embrace it. The Kardashians have every girl striving for perfection. But Honestly Sis, that shit just doesn’t exist.

Now, you see where I’m coming from? I’m going to hella transparent and hella real. I hope you bring a friend along. I hope that this is entertaining and thought-provoking. If you have a topic, question or just a story to tell please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We’re in this together, Sis!

Honestly Sis is a weekly newsletter. See you next week for the first installment.



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