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Honestly Sis, Do You Wanna Get Coffee Saturday?

Your Editor-In-Chief is here! As you know, I created Honestly Sis as a safe placeonline for women to tell personal stories about life, love, and healing. But now I want to move things offline! I believe that stories have the power to change and heal the world. And I don’t just mean E! True Hollywood Stories. The movies, television shows and podcasts that we can’t get enough of- is all because of the amazing stories they tell. We connect to these stories because it touches a truth that is embedded in us. The same can be done with your life story. 

If you are like me, you grew up hearing the phrase: “What goes on in our house stays in our house.” But it’s keeping things on the inside that are killing us and creating shame. I believe that if we take ownership of our stories and tell them from a place of victory, we not only heal ourselves but each other. My entire life, I have been told that I was too sensitive and too emotional. The denial of my emotions was the kiss of death to my intuition, it led to me not trusting myself and valuing the opinions of others over my own. Until I hit a dead-end and rock bottom.  

Emotions are our friends. They send signals to our body to address problem areas and if we listen to them, they can guide us out of a dead-end. This Saturday, I’ll be taking all about the emotional body and how we can use journaling and other writing techniques to transmute our pain. Will you be there?

This will be the first Honestly Sis meet-up! Are you interested in meeting up? 

Respond to this message! (P.S. The next one will have something to do with Weed & Down Dogs!) 

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