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Honestly Original Shows- The Summer Version

I Do Not Own This Art

I am finding it impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest in television. With everyone and their Mama with a streaming service, good shows can get lost in the sea of content. Here are some fun shows to binge while it cools off outside.

Black Lady Sketch Show (HBO Max)

Three words: Black Lady Courtroom. (Clap! Clap!) Last summer, I was swimming in a black cloud, and I can honestly admit that I didn't get it when I first watched this show. But this year, it has been right on time! The skits, the characters, and the hairstyles are all black girl magic on crack. Think Saturday Night Live, but funny with relatable content. Thank me later!

P-Valley (Starz)

"Down in the valley where the girls get naked, if you throwing bans then you know they gon shake it!" Last summer, this show was a sleeper. Good thing it's already gearing up for a season two. After bingeing this in a day, I found myself re-watching it and dying for more—a show centered around a country strip club and an upcoming rapper. To try and compare this show to anything would be an insult to Katori Hall. It's not a show. It's an experience and an absolute must-watch!

Bigger (Bet Plus)

In a world where every network is trying to find its version of Insecure and Atlanta, this show is trying to find a path of its own. A tale about college friends trying to navigate adulthood and obtain the "bigger" things in life. This show reminds you that you're not alone—two seasons to sink your teeth into, but no word on three. Play, from House Party, is dating one of the moms on the show, and yes before you ask: he’s still fine! That’s worth a watch all on its own.

Upload (Amazon)

Ever wonder what would happen if you never truly die? This show explores virtual heaven and all its beautiful plug-ins. It sounds like it should be pretty amazing, but of course, it gets dark and a little creepy. I never thought you could turn death into a joke, but this series manages to do it well!

The Bold Type (Hulu)

While this show may feel like the lovechild of Sex in the City and Devil Wears Prada. It's truly not. Though it's centered around a woman's magazine, it truly explores the intersectionality of life, work, and adulting. With bosses who actually give a fuck and a healthy dose of eye candy. This show inspires me weekly to become the change I want to see. Five seasons of drama, and I promise you will love every second of it!

What shows are you watching? Put me on!



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