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Healing Girl Reads Part 1

I Do Not Own This Artwork

Here is a list of books that have helped me along my journey! 

This book will help you get one step closer to determining what your purpose in life is and what you intend to do to achieve and maintain it. 

Shelton helps you to recognize wounds that may be holding you back from evolving into the person you were truly meant to be! 

I read this book when I was getting over painful relationships and this was the perfect book to help me during this time. It helped me to discover my self-love that has been hidden beneath the hurt. Hale provides anecdotes, mantras and an aura of hope.

This book guides women through the tough hurdles in life and gives specific prayers for relationships, family, marriage, and singlehood. There are tear-out note cards in the back of the book to jot down your own thoughts and prayers. 

This book helps women determine better standards in relationships and situationships. It gives insight into everything from sex to dating, to celibacy and marriage. This book was very eye-opening. 

In this book, he helps people recognize what is holding them back from following their dreams. It's about getting out of your own way, striving for better and really working for our dreams without fear and excuses. 


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