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Bringing Heaven on Earth | Become the Alchemist of Your Life

Updated: May 11, 2022

"Next time they bring up the gods,

you gon' respect us."

- Jay-Z

I Do Not Own This Art

I’ve finally completed something God has asked me to do!! This is the series that got me into YouTube. It is based on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This series takes various themes from the book then breaks them into spiritual advice and honest insight. Since beginning this series, I have noticed a change in my mind and my life. Keep in mind these videos are from the very beginning of my YouTube journey- so enjoy the progression and embrace the struggle:

Do you believe that God wants the best for you? To make a change, you have to choose to turn away from all that is no longer serving you. The keywords for this reading are support, strength, enthusiasm, expansiveness, and integrity.

Sometimes issues from the past can blind your vision for the future. Your centering thought during this period of change should always be "What if Life is Always Working Out for Me?" The keywords for this reading are forgiveness, kindness, courage, openness, and vision.

Only you can decide if love or fear will rule your life. To manifest the life of your dreams, you have to be mindful of your thoughts and allow love to lead. True change happens on the inside and blooms externally. The keywords for this reading are freedom, balance, power, harmony, and birth.

It can be challenging to control the mind. But to make a change, it's necessary. You are the person you are waiting for! Overcoming your limiting beliefs is the ultimate cheat code. The keyword for this reading is peace, exploration, trust, harmony, celebration, and freedom.

Challenges only come about to make us stronger. As with any game, when you reach a new level, you will have new challenges. The same is true with life. So in moments of frustration always ask: "What Is This Situation Trying to Teach Me?” The keywords for this reading are Expectancy, Abundance, Resilience, Beauty, and Vision.

Creating true change in your life will not be an overnight process. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. To move from stagnancy to action, you must be willing to make conscious choices and decisions. The keywords for this reading are Education, Expansiveness, Abundance, Acceptance, Power, and Joy.

To have what you’ve never had before, you have to do what you've never done before. Instead of resisting the challenge, trust in your ability to overcome anything that may come your way. The keywords for this reading are Celebration, Advancement, Vibration, Patience & Wisdom.

Creativity is your birthright. There is no need to panic or rush. You are a child of God and it’s time to act like it! Give your creations time to rise to the level of your dreams. The keywords for this reading are Channel, Contentment, Relaxation, Creativity & Blue Flame.

Anyone can come up with ideas and visions. But a true alchemist is someone who can bring those visions to life. To do so, it will take a little time, effort, and attention. The keywords for this reading are Vision, Celebration, Love, Vibration, Meditation & Gaia.

If God put a vision on your heart, he did it for a reason. The only way that God can show up in the world is through you. So trust your intuition, emotions and move! The keywords for this reading are Intuition, Tenderness, Wisdom & Surrender.

There is no becoming the alchemist of your life without using your intuition. If you cut yourself off from your feelings, you cut yourself off from your manifestations powers. The keywords for this reading are Intuition, Understanding, Clarity & Obedience, and Wisdom.

You are more than worthy of realizing your dreams. But first, you have to admit that out loud. God would never judge you for your desires. So please stop judging yourself. The keywords for this reading are celebration, purpose, presence, play, free-spirit, and inner-world.

If you check out any of these videos please let me know what you think. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!!


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