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2021 Year At A Glance | Tarotscopes


Can I tell you a secret? I spent my quarantine doing hella yoga, meditations, and journaling. One afternoon I decided to try a visualization meditation. They are not my favorite, I never see anything, but something told me to do it. So I did. I did my yoga flow and ended it with the meditation. Immediately, I was transported out of my living room and into this backyard. I saw myself-but, not myself. I was a better version of me- my stomach was flat, my arms tone, and my hair was flourishing.

I was wearing a sports bra and pants, doing yoga in my backyard. There was nothing but trees, flowers, and I could hear the rushing sound of a waterfall nearby. Instantly, I was in a kitchen. A Kris Jenner style kitchen. On the marble countertops sat a big bouquet of red roses. The roses had a note from my love wishing me luck. Suddenly, I pulled onto a studio lot, driving something foreign, with the top down and music blasting—black shades covering my eyes as the sun beamed down. I pulled into a parking spot with my name on it. I could feel the excitement coursing through my veins; as I marched down the halls greeting everyone by name. As I made my way to the dressing room, I smiled at the sound of my heels echoing off the walls. The meditation ended with me sitting in front of a mirror with bright lights, getting my make-up done, and going over notes. I had my very own television show.

When I opened my eyes and knew in my heart- it would happen. But I had no idea how. But I wanted to let the universe know that I wanted it! When the universe inspires us, it's meant to spark action. If my seven years on this journey as taught me anything: it's that faith without works is dead. It wasn't until I saw that moment reflected, that I realized that was even a goal. But now it's something I can't get off my mind. So how do I let the universe know that I'm serious? I put myself out there. On YouTube, on Instagram, here in these Honestly Sis streets. I let the universe know that sharing information and stories is something that I want to do. I want to help shift humanity.

I've always known that I wanted to do YouTube. But I was scared to put myself out there. I didn't want to look dumb. So slowly, God gave me other ideas to help get me there. It started with my Honest Wednesday videos on IG. Then creating the Alchemist series on YouTube, and now it's tarot. I've come to understand that God will give you a glimpse of the big picture. But it's on you to take the baby steps to get there.

When I first started watching tarot on Youtube, I was obsessed—watching video after video—waiting for my big blessing. When nothing happened or manifested, as promised by the tarot readers, I would be disappointed in God and feel like a failure. It wasn't until I made it a personal practice that I truly understood the tarot's art and power.

Tarot is a tool to connect with the spiritual world. A typical tarot deck (Rider Waithe) teaches the journey of self-mastery. By breaking down the characteristics, it can help you navigate current energies in your personal life. When I used the tarot to help me identify blocks and not predict anything- I felt like I tapped into a super-power. Now I want to teach you and the rest of the world how to do the same!

My readings are never to "predict" the future but to affirm and guide. My sole mission in life is to give people the tools to become the alchemist of their life. Through the art of tarot, channeling, and writing: I work with the divine to pull advice directly from the spiritual realm. Here's a sneak peep of what I've been up too (if you know it-focus on your rising sign. Thank me later):

The keywords for this reading are Balance & Enlightenment. This year will be all about balancing your masculine and feminine energy. This is the year you bring your inner visions outwards.

The keywords for this reading are Destiny & Gratitude. This year is all about having tough conversations and being honest with yourself. This is a year you become the real you.

The keywords for this reading are Impasse & Gratitude. This year is all about letting your guard down and feeling your feelings. Your emotions are not a curse. They are your biggest blessings. Feel them.

The keywords for this reading are Perfecting & Vanity. This year is all about having tunnel vision and getting the work done. This is the year your visions come to life.

The keywords for this reading are Greif & Gratitude. This year is all about releasing your past and shifting your belief system. It's time to let go of habits, people, and things that keeps you from being your best self. If you want it you have to go get it. Gemini | A Year of Mental Renewal | Avoid Workaholics

The keywords for this reading are Workaholics & Mystim. This year is all about gaining control of your mind. Clean up the mental chatter. so that you can connect to the universe and truly manifest your dreams. You are your own greatest hindrance.

The keywords for this reading are Creation & Self-Worth. This year is all about standing in your power and bring your creations to life. It is your birthright to bring your dreams to life. Leo | The Year of Facing Fears| Trust Yourself The keywords for this reading are Quest & Trickery. This year is all about learning to express yourself and not allowing fear to hold you back from your true heart's desire. Rise above the mind games.

The keywords for this reading are Renewal & Growth. This year is all about renewing the vision you have for your life. This is the year you create a solid game plan for your dreams.

The keywords for this reading are Release & Instinct. This year is all about releasing your past and trusting your instinct. You are more powerful than you know- stop doubting your greatness.

The keywords for this reading are Service & Joy. This year is all about making sure you are on the path that brings you joy and happiness. God is asking you to stop focusing on your money and think about your heart

The keywords for this reading are Insecurity & Despondence. This year is all about moving out of stagnancy. This is the year you began to create a foundation and vision for your life.

If you are tired of hitting the same walls or creating vision boards that never come true- this channel is for you!

Blessings, AM

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