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So, You Have a Story? Not a "Writer"?


What are we looking for? stories about life, love (Sex), Spirituality and everything in between! We love stories to come naturally and from the heart. Think of Honestly Sis as a personal diary or writing a letter to a friend. Simply tell your story and if there is a valuable lesson along the way- it's a bonus. 

This space was created to let people (aLL people) know that they are not alone. We share our truths to eliminate shame and celebrate our differences. Before technology, before radio, even before books- all we had were stories.

"There is so much wisdom locked up in the stories, (People)women don't tell."

- Elaine m. welteroth


Now, is time to tell those stories, so we can heal, learn and grow together.  This is a labor of love. our only ask is that you have patience as your piece moves through the process. 

thank you in advance.






  • We ask that you keep in mind we have other contributing writers. So patience during this process is a MUST. 

  • On the scheduled date, your letter will be sent to ALL members of the Honestly Sis community 

  • On the day of release, the Editor will pull a quote from your letter,  and tag you on IG. 

  • Then the following week, your letter will be posted in the Archive section. 

  • The purpose of this space is to share our stories with other people... So tag or invite a friend to join! 

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