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Honestly Fun Summer Reads!


In the next ten to fifteen years, I envisioned myself spending my summers at the beach house. Lounging around in the sun, reading books, and working on my manuscripts. Until then, here's to sitting on my couch listening to the sounds of waves playing on YouTube. I am at my best when I am well-read, well-loved, and writing frequently. Here are a few of my favorite cozy beach reads!

The Wedding Date

When Jasmine finishes a manuscript, DJ Khaled voices random shouts out "another" one over her head. The beauty of Guillory's universe is that you don't have to read her books in order- but if you must- this a damn good start to the series. This book gave me the warm and fuzzies. As well as got me excited to take another solo vacation in hopes that I will get trapped in an elevator with a cutie. This book reminds you of both the beauty and terror of falling in love(again). This is a modern love story done right.

More Than Enough

I swore off self-help books but does this one actually counts? My favorite Editor in Chief turned big sister in my head, Elaine, tells her life story (so far). It's a beautiful, messy yet honest portrayal of a woman trying to pave her own path. While reading this book, I was reminded of the power in telling your story. It’s through stories that we know we are not alone. Elaine also confirmed for me the importance of trusting your gut. Especially when life starts getting crazy. If you need a pick-me-up or a reminder to know that you are more than enough, this book is for you!


If you asked how to define this story, I would struggle to develop the correct terms. A coming to age? A cautionary tale? Who knows, but this story reminds me of the power in reading stories about everyday life and everyday people? How often do you read a story about a young black girl stumbling through life? Making questionable sexual choices? Not nearly enough. This book is the closest thing to a black Bridget Jones Diary. Minus the Dairy. This book is the perfect reminder that there is nothing wrong with healing but do not take yourself or life too seriously.


I once applied for a fellowship and stated that I wanted to change how black literature was view. I said that I wanted to elevate it in the eyes of the masses. Toni must have heard this and spiritually slapped me over the head. Causing me to not only check myself but also to begin studying her work. I love Morrison's books because she always finds a way to blend the spiritual with the ordinary world. Reminding me that what I am trying to do is nothing new. Being the mystic and historian that she is, Toni tells the story of the original hot girl. This book reminds us that we've come a long way in claiming our sexuality as black women.

The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes

This book is a slow-burn but isn't that the perfect characteristic of a good beach read? This story takes you into the world of a young black musician trying to navigate the rock and rock scene. All while fighting demons from the past, sounds like life, right? This story reminds you that just because someone hurt you, it doesn't mean they did it on purpose. Sometimes people from the past deserve another conversation and maybe after that another chance. This book is a reminder that love, just like life, is messy as hell.

If you read any books let me know if you like them!

Until then tell me about what you're reading?

Put Me On, Am

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