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This episode, we are starting to see Hannah coming to terms with really being pregnant. We open up with her staring at a lima bean with a Google search open. Hannah makes a list of reason why she shouldn’t have the baby. On the list, it includes things like she’s only twenty-seven, she acts younger than that, and she may never talk to her Father again. I have been personally wondering what is going on with him and where is he on his gay journey. We learn in a heated discussion between Hannah and Loreen that her Dad has a partner. (Next episode we get to see them together). Loreen is unable to feel happy about the baby because she’s realizing that her life has not turned out how she imagined. (Been there). She later tells Hannah that every time she looks at the baby she will see her own death. (Ouch). That’s the thing about death and babies, its makes you stop and make an assessment of your life. No matter how much you know you shouldn’t be compare-y. We all do it any way.

Ray is dealing with the sudden death of Hermie. He’s looking through things at Hermie house. He’s full of gloom and feels that death is around the corner waiting to take us all. (But isn’t it?) Thank god for Shosh, she refuses to let him have a pity party and tells him that she doesn’t plan on dying at all. In which, Ray says great, “Because I couldn’t handle that”. (Tear) We then see a few scenes later that Marnie has stop by and she couldn’t look more uncomfortable. Sensing her uncomfortableness Ray asks her if she have anywhere to be… She lies and say no. Then in the most non-believable way, suddenly remembers that she has a fitness class to attend in Manhattan. This time Ray is not for the bull and tells her don’t bother coming back. He’s finally standing up for himself and is seeing what Hermie has been trying to tell him in the first place. Needless to say Marnie being Marnie, says that it just the grief talking and she isn’t a bad person. (Oh but sis you are.)

Meanwhile, Jess is swimming in her feelings and having second thoughts about the movie. As she sits on the sideline she realizes that Adam and Hannah actually had a real relationship. She sees that despite all the crazy things that she heard about their relationship. Adam really did have feelings for Hannah. We see that this movie is bringing about a different side of Adam. He’s doing an excellent job directing the movie. He refuses to fall into Jess traps and have a clear vision about what the movie means. It’s actually really beautiful to see this Adam in such a different light. Director really looks good on him and I think this was the best decision he could have ever made.

Back to Hannah. She has lost Loreen because she’s high on weed gummies. Before Loreen stumbles into the street. I see something in Hannah that I often see on my friends and I face. It’s the fear that your parent is going to be alone. No one wants to see their parents alone. And sometimes it’s hard to get them to see the beauty of their own situation. After successfully finding her Mom. High Loreen drops the bomb that Hannah’s having a baby and Elijah couldn’t have been more taken back. After laughing at the joke, he quickly stops when he sees everyone is not joining in. He jumps up and leave the table. He’s pissed! Despite everyone being unsure about her having a baby, Hannah is sure and feels that this is her baby. We see at the end of this episode that Hannah for the first time is happy about being pregnant. (Tear).

Now back to Elijah! When a close friend like that is having a life changing experience, you can’t help but to think about your own life. And when/if that will ever happen for you. A few years ago, I had a friend who was really upset when she found out her best friend was pregnant. (Like tears upset). It was because it made her, like Elijah, look at her life. She realized that she had attached herself to this person life and once that baby comes it can’t happen like that anymore. It’s so easy to attach yourself to friends and think that things will always be the same. You may think that you and your friends will always stay on the same level. But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. Your friends meet people, get married, get new jobs and even move to new cities. It’s just a part of life. But you don’t have to allow that to tear you down. You don’t have to make that stop you from progressing in life. You have to embrace it and find new ways to honor that friendship. You also have to surrender and trust that the universe will deliver all of your wishes.

Another theme that I picked up on in this episode, is that there are two types of people. There are people who are going to make things happen and then there are the others who let things happen. People who are the subject of their lives, and people who are the object in their own life. Here’s an example: Elijah and Shosh. They have had almost a mirrored path on this show yet, they are in two completely different places. Like Elijah, Shosh has gotten her heart broken, lost job and smoke cracked. The different between the two is that Shosh isn’t going to binge on Adderall and hope everything gets better. She’s going to find some new venture, throw herself into it and make a way for herself.

Overall, I give this episode an 8.5-9. I love that we are still staying in the lives of the characters. We can see that most characters (except for Marnie), are on the verge of change.

Prediction: Ray is going to propose to Shosh or tell her he loves her. Marnie is going to have something happen to her that makes her re-examine her life. Perhaps a freak fitness accident… Who knows??

This episode taught us:

1. There are levels to adulating.

2. Eat Edibles Responsibly

3. The only approval you need… Is your own

4. Don’t compare or overreact, breathe and live.

Until Next Time… Happy Watching!



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