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If I could give Lena four rounds of applause I would, this week episode of Girl was so good! It reminded me of the very reason I fell in love with this show in the first place. (Minus the lack of Shosh) You see my crazy intense review last week helped bring about this masterpiece. (Not really? But one can pretend). This week episode is entitled Pain Evacuation the entire show is about the cast reaching this pivot moment in their life. They all reach this moment in a range of painful ways.

Let’s start with Adam. We open up with him acting out a scene in his new movie. Adam then turns around and gets into with the director. In frustration, he realizes that he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He quits the movie, stealing the itchy jeans. He goes home to find Jess who’s doing a homework assignment about child psychopaths. In which, she realize that she actually have all the symptoms but have completely out grown it. (Sure Jess). Adam complains about the movie and how he shouldn’t have quit, but then says he doesn’t want to be any body’s tool. (I’m paraphrasing) Jess, being Jess gives him the simplest answer, “just make your own movie because money literally grow on trees”. (My new life motto). After googling how to make a movie they have a brainstorming session (in the craziest way) and come up with the concept of the movie. They want to Lemonade the situation like Hannah, and make a movie about the love triangle. They ask Hannah and she could careless (Because she have her own shit going on… We’re getting there).

She gives them the go ahead and now Adam is ready to make a movie. Adam and Jess made me love their relationship. (Sue me) The beauty of Jess is that she sees no limits. On one hand I can see how it can be viewed as being irresponsible. On the other hand I get it, you just have to look at life this way. Sometimes as people, we can over think things and make life super complicated. Sometimes you can over think ideas, make them larger than life which then scares you and you end up not doing it. But if you take the mindset that I’m going to get this done (or money grow on trees), then guess what, nine times out of ten you’re going to get things done. Moral of the storyline, stop overthinking and DO IT!

Next up, we have Hannah who’s experiencing a painful urination. (Law & Order UTI) Most of the episode, she’s sitting on the toilet in pain. (They really do hurt like hell) After having her Mother look at the blood in her pee (God Bless Mothers). She convinces her to go to the emergency room, in which she realize she’s pregnant. To my shock (and I’m sure everyone), she’s in no rush to get an abortion. We end the episode with her laying her head on Elijah lap and staring off into space. I imagine that she’s feeling something between shock, excitement and downright fear. Having a baby is no small chore. You officially become in charge of a living breathing human being. It’s literally like having your heart walk around the world without you. (How do parents do it?) I felt like in Hannah starring off, we see the first look of maturity. It seem that in that moment she realize that life is real and it comes at you fast. Inside the episode (at the end), we learn that this is Hannah story arch for the season. (I’m in!)

Marnie is still being a total bitch to Ray and sneaking off to see Desi. (Thank God he’s getting help). I have to be honest here, after seeing Get Out, it’s really hard to look at Marnie the same. She was such a nut job in the movie and she’s the same way on the show. During the counseling session, we see for the first time that Desi actually have a point. Marnie is seriously all about Marnie. She doesn’t care about what anyone is going through, especially if it doesn’t affect her. The sad part is, it seems that Marnie could honestly careless. She’s working on her body, balance and all things are great in Marnie’s world. It’s everyone else who have the problem. While she’s working on the outside she’s failing to work on the inside. I’m screaming right alone with Desi… Clean up your side of the street Marnie Marie!

Lastly, we have Ray. Who is just not taking the hint that his girl is long gone! We see that Ray has been trying to spend time with Marnie but she’s too busy working out. Ray is at the coffee shop getting his ear talked off by an elderly customer; which he brushes off. The old man leaves and then drops dead! (In Ray defense, older people have to stop with the oversharing.) This bizarre and mentally painfully moment leads to Hermine having a talk with Ray. In which he tells Ray, that he went back to coasting through life. (And dating girls with six packs) Even though he won the city council, we see that he eventually revert back to his old ways. Hermie said that he’s not a waste of space but a waste of potential. When someone calls you on your shit, nine times out of ten you don’t want to hear it. So Ray walked away. It wasn’t until he talked to Shosh that he realize that Hermie had a point. Shosh helps him realize that Hermie wasn’t being mean he just wanted him to live a better life. He was going to apologize only to discover him dead. Tear.

Girls had to kill off two people to drive home a very important point. When it’s time for you to go it’s time for you to go. You could be walking out of a coffee shop or just working out. When we were younger, we thought that we had all the time in the world. We think that the dreams we want to accomplish will just happen. When the truth is, we have to make these things happen. And sometimes it can be hard and painful. But once you go through it, you will become a much better person because of it! Everyone will reach this point in their life. Most people say this happen around your 30s. Sometimes it happen later in your life but it will happen. No matter what, we will all come to a point where we say to ourselves: What the hell is my purpose here? Then you have to make the choice, are we going to take advantage of what life can offer or die. It’s really that simple… Do or die.

Overall, I will give this episode a solid 9. It had some true character development. It had twist and turns; and we got to see Elijah in his boxers. (Ok not really a point… but still). This week was an amazing episode with a great life lesson.

This episode taught us:

1. Don’t waste your potential

2. Sometimes you have to jump out the window and take a chance

3. Never take life for granted.

4. Don’t have raw sex with scuba instructors

5. Do or Die.

My prediction: Ray will break up with Marnie and get back with Shosh. Nas is going to make an appearance in either this episode or the next.

Until Next Time… Happy Watching



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