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Le sigh! This week on Girls we explore the mind of a white Bill Cosby (Yeah I said it) Hannah is invited over to a famous author house. His reasoning for inviting her over is to explain his side of the story. The man has had countless women speak out about his crimes on young women. He feels that the world is being unfair to him and he’s going to sit down with this random blogger to make it right. (Because that makes so much sense). The creep explains that he loves women and there is no way to force a person to give a blow job. Hannah proceed to say that it probably feels a little choky. (I died).

Any who, somewhere in the middle of the story we realize that the man picked Hannah because of her wonderful writing. Amazing! I was excited at this aspect because I thought it would explain why we ended up at the author house. My genius brain thought that this would convince Hannah to live a life of writing and she would start writing a book! Yay for character development!!!

But image my shock when we get to inside the episode and find out that this is a think piece for different types of sexual assault. While I’m all for this type of episode and I love a good think-piece (coughs). I find it extremely out of context with this series and believe that the timing is off. I imagined that when the Cosby scandal was going on Lena had her notepad out sketching away this episode. The only problem is, the Bill Cosby scandal is… I hate to say it… Old news! Right now we’re dealing with a crazy President and a lying ass cabinet. We’re not thinking about sexual assault… I’m sorry we just aren’t!

This is the FINAL season of this show…meaning that there won’t be a B season. It’s not going to come back in the fall…and it for sure won’t come back next year. This is the end of it! We should be using every single episode learning more about our characters. We should now be thinking about the future of these characters and who they will become after the show ends. There is so much that haven’t been addressed that it seems arrogant to take this time to make some feminist statement about sexual assault.

Deep breath! I know you are clutching your pearls and wondering how it all got so deep! (It was a lot) But I have said this plenty of times on my podcast… when I commit… I commit! If I have dedicated over five seasons of my life to your series, the LEAST you could do is give me a final season to remember. This is not the time to have bomb cameos just for the sake of having them! This is not Entourage, this is GIRLS! If I’m not mistaking this show began with character driven plot. That’s how it should end!

Think about it! What if Carrie didn’t spend the final half of the season falling in love with Alexander and then jetting off to Paris? There would be no closure! There would be no Big flying to Paris tracking her down like a mad man… Only to say that she was the one all along. (Just thinking about it…still makes melt my heart). What if instead Carrie met a new guy, then flew to California to work on a crazy book deal. Then she met a guy there and in the mist of learning about him we meet another hot new girl. Now the new guy wants to have a three way with the hot girl! Did I make your head hurt?

Well three episodes in and that’s exactly how this series is making me feel. My hope is that the remaining seven episodes are completely in the world of our characters. We need to start seeing some serious character growth by episode 7. I don’t want to come to the final episode and think wow they are fucked! I say all this to say that when Lena started this series, it was created in the hopes to show how young adults handle being thrown into the adult world. If Hannah and friends, can’t get there shit together then what’s the hope for the young kids anticipating this next step?

Overall my rating for this episode is a 5.5-6. Here’s my life takeaways this week:

1. Don’t go over creepy famous people house who have a reputation of assaulting girls

2. Even creeps have a soft side.

My Prediction: Bleak… But I hope it turns around.

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