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If you are anything like me, when you heard that Girls would be premiering on HBO, you were overwhelmed with joy. We didn’t know what to expect. Would it be the 2012 Sex in the City we’ve longed for? Would it be the female version of Entourage? And the list of questions could go on! We got was neither Sex in the City or Entourage. Outside an amazing reference to Sex in the City by Shoshanna. (I’m totally a mix between Samantha &Charlotte) This show couldn’t be anything further from Sex in the City. Instead this show gave a more realistic view of what it means to be a young adult (well young white adult… My Mom did NOT pay my bills after college.) Nonetheless, I have stuck with the funny and often cringe worthy train wreck of a show. (When I commit! I commit)

It was during Season 5, Episode 6 “The Panic in Central Park”, that I finally noticed the shift in the show. If you don’t remember, this was the episode were Marnie runs in to Charlie. They have a world wind day of fun only to discover that Charlie is a fucking crackhead. It was beautifully shot, beautifully written and it made me weep. For the first time, I saw Lena Dunham, not just as a show creator who wants to see how many crotch shots she can pack in one episode (My God, it was plain overkill). But for the first time, we saw growth in the characters and overall direction of the show. I was so overwhelmed by emotions that I decided to actually write about it (It won’t see the light of day). The next week, we got “Hello Kitty”, which made me really just want to watch the play with the audience. And I was again compelled to write about the show. (Maybe I’ll share).

But I say all this to say, although Lena Dunham has done some weird/shady shit (Cough…Odell Breckham… Just Google it!). We still have to love, respect and thank her for the gift that is Girls. So this year, I vowed that I would review each episode and actually put it on the internet. So here it is:

Last season we left Hannah at a Moth Event. Marnie inviting Ray on her tour, to deal with emotional Desi and his spiritual cougar… I mean guide. And Jessa and Adam tearing up their damn apartment and then fucking each other brains out. (Hell of an afternoon) In defense of Jessa, we finally got to see how shitty she felt about the whole situation. She just isn’t the type of girl that would sleep with her best friend ex’s. But you know, when love gets you… It’s gets you. (Another article for another day).

So we hop into Season 6 Episode 1 “All I Ever Wanted”, and discovered that Hannah has LEMONADE her Adam and Jess situation, and is finally in print. We opened up with Hannah being Hannah saying anything that comes to her mind. I couldn’t help but role my eyes, because out of all the characters, it just seems like Lena Dunham isn’t aware of her lack of growth in her character (Hannah). She’s still takes every moment to flash her hairy ass pussy and show off her bootylicious body. And before you set your torches and say I’m “body shaming”, I’m a bigger girl and I love that she loves her body. (But again MY GOD). So Hannah gets this job to write about the Yoga Moms taking over a surf camp in the Hamptons. (Rich People Problems).

We learned that Elijah is back to his old ways and plans to “fuck his way to the middle”, his words not mine. (Sidebar: I DIED when he asked Hannah to use her room for a small orgy. And she was totally fine with it!) Marnie is getting a divorce and realize she needs to create boundaries (Never mind the fact she was married for 5.2 seconds). And in typically Marnie fashion, she pushes Ray out and right into Shoshanna arms (who we didn’t see enough of this episode). Which of course, totally puts Marnie in her feelings and right into Desi crying arms. (Gag).

In the mist of Ray trying to figure out where he will lay his head. He goes back to his home (I must have missed when he moved in with Adam) and finds Jessa in typically Jessa fashion, she’s nude, eating yogurt and completely unbothered. It looks like her and Adam are both back to their own lighthearted ways. (I digress)

Hannah makes it to the Hamptons and Naz is her fucking surf teacher! (Remember The Night of?) Any who, she runs into carefree, rapping and all around sweetheart Naz (I’m sure that’s not his name in the show… But go with me). After having a night of drinking and downright cringe-worthy sex, Hannah is ready to take her walk of shame, but Naz has other ideas. He’s going to show her around the Hampton’s and change her mind about the beach! (Cut to the shots of them rolling in the sand). After a great day, Hannah does the thing that most females do, she starts planning the future. Naz being the laid back dude he is found it amazing and said she could finally meet his girlfriend. (Record scratch). Of course, he has a girlfriend. After being bitchy and then realizing she didn’t have a dog in this fight. Hannah decides to go with it and live in the moment.

My overall rating for this episode would be about a 7.5. It was a strong season opener. They get knocked half a point because of the lack of Shosh. A point for so many unnecessary nudity shots and a point for not actually showing us Adam and Jessa reactions to the article (I’m sure this will come up later in the season… but still). Overall, I’m in it to win. I’m looking forward to this final season and I hope that Lena will use this season to transform Hannah from a girl to a woman.

What did you think? What would you rate this episode? Please feel free to comment below!

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