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For Interview Lover’s Only

Unfortunately, I Do Not Own This Art

I am taking a break from the Streaming Wars and pivoting to one of my other favorite things- interviews! In this massive sea of podcasters, there are very few people that I tuned into regularly. Jemele Hill is Unbothered is a part of that small elite group. Her interviews always display her guests in a brand-new light and she makes every conversation feels intimate. With every podcaster trying to get the latest headline, it's refreshing to have a podcast host who actually wants to know her guest and sometimes even fangirl over them. Below are a few of my favorite episodes that perfectly demonstrate everything I said above!

I hope you enjoy them – because they are truly worth a listen!

The Pressure Never Left

In this episode, Jemele fangirls over Yaa Gyasi while also giving her space to vent about her recent resurgence to the New York Times Bestselling charts. My favorite part of this episode is when Yaa mentioned "the career of a writer." I had a total lightbulb moment that made me think about my own future. But it doesn't matter if you are a fan of Yaa Gyasi or if want to be a writer. This episode is for anyone trying to realize a dream, especially if you come from the African diaspora.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

After listening to this interview, you can tell that Jay Ellis is more than a pretty face and nice abs. He's intelligent, strategic, and seems naturally charming. In this episode, Jay stressed the importance of being the master of your own fate and not just leaving your career in your agent's (or employer's) hands. If you want to have an amazing career, you have to be willing to make it happen. Whether that's taking a class or going back to school, you have to be willing to put forth an effort to turn your dreams into a reality.

Pessimism is a Privilege

Despite being introduced to the world in the classic film Eve’s Bayou. It was interesting to discover that Jurnee Smollett grew up no different than you and me- meaning that she is no stranger to struggle. My favorite part of this conservation is when Jurnee describes first meeting Nelson Mandela and realizing that we all have the capacity for greatness. My biggest takeaway from this conversation is that when it's your time, it's your time, and no one can take that from you. What’s meant for you will never pass you!

Getting Down To The Nitty-Gritty

I know this one is going to surprise you! I went into this interview prepared for some Basketball Wives drama, and while there is some in there. This interview revealed a different side to Mrs. Jackie Christie and made it very clear that Doug Christie is a real one. This interview reminded me that you can create the life and marriage of your dreams! Jackie managed to secure a basketball player who adores her, and is faithful without ever getting on her knees! If Jackie can do it, so can you and me!

Working Not Twerking

If you would have told me that I would receive my greatest spiritual advice from Niecy Nash- I would have never believed you. But this interview proved that Ms. Nash is a woman of many layers. What I love the most about this conversation is that Niecy didn't allow her dream to stop her from living a life. If you genuinely believe that God gave you a mission. Your only job is to make it happen. There is no time or room for a Plan B.

Do you listen to Jemele Hill’s Unbothered?

If so, what’s your favorite episode?


Until Next Time:

“Dream them dreams. Then man-up and live them dreams, because a life without dreams is black and white. And the universe flows in technicolor and surround-sound.” The Late Great Combat Jack!

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